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About us

BWRT® practitioners have all studied other therapy disciplines before completing their studies of BWRT® so you can be confident that you're not consulting with somebody who was working in a different occupation altogether until a few days previously - and yes, there are therapists 'out there' who have taken a short course lasting just a few days, or maybe just downloaded something from the internet, and immediately set themselves up in private practice withouth even taking an exam. The Terence Watts BWRT Institute is very fussy about such things and we carefully vet applications for training to ensure that we can offer a totally professional and competent service to the public.

Many of our practitioners state that after thay have learned BWRT® they discover it be so effective for almost every psychological condition (it's not only for anxiety) that they seldom find the need to use of the older style therapies such hypnotherapy or 'standard' psychotherapy. They also like the fact that clients get better quickly and dont get 'stuck in therapy' for months or even sometimes, years. With BWRT® the presenting problem is usually resolved in very few sessions and it's not usual for only a single session to resolve such problems as social phobia, driving fears, phobias about spiders, birds and 'creepy-crawlies' of all description!

Other problems

Anxiety takes so many different forms that it can be difficult to categorise them all, which is probably why it sometimes seems to be on the increase. It can manifest as all forms of stress and phobias and can even lead to habits and dependencies - and our practitioners are all super-skilled in sorting out whatever is at the root of your particular problem. The BWRT Institute was formed by the creator of the concept, Terence Watts, in 2015 after it becaome obvious that BWRT® is even more special than he had at first thought. In fact, it was originally created specifically to work with anxiety in all its forms and it was only later, as practitioners began to explore the possiblities, that it started to become apparent that it could work effectively with almost all psychological problems.

Addictions and dependencies

It's not always obvious, but anxiety and stress can be at the root of a great many other difficulties, including OCD, and many addictions and dependencies. While these situations are rather more difficult to work with than 'straightforward' anxiety, BWRT® can and does still provide help that is far and above most other methods of working. These conditions may not respond to the ultra-rapid therapy that BWRT® can often provide, yet our advanced Practitioners (those qualified at Level 2 and above) can still provide help that can be more effective than other metodologies - but the practitioner will insist on a prior consultation with a medical professional, since we are not a medical organisation and make no pretence to be so.


Our practitioners will be very happy to chat to you via telephone or Skype to discover if they are able to help with your particular problem - and it's extremley rare that they cannot! You can find a list of our practitioners on our main site and also on the listing at The British BrainWorking Research Society - all the practitioners listed there are committed to continual professional development and training to provide the very best of psychological care.

If you have any questions or concerns please do contact us vua the webform on our main site or via the details, on our Contact us page.


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